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Claremont Savings Bank is a mutual savings bank founded in 1907 primarily serving the communities of Claremont, Charlestown, Cornish, New Hampshire and most recently Springfield, Vermont. As a mutual savings bank, its depositors own CSB. It is overseen by a Board of Trustees that are selected by and from the group of Corporators who represent the interests of the depositors, borrowers, and communities that the Bank serves.

Claremont Savings Bank offers a full range of deposit and loan products and services. The Bank is a portfolio lender which means that most loans are retained and serviced by the Bank. In the spring of 2003, CSB entered into a relationship with Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston where CSB can offer, originate and maintain servicing of fixed rate loans. CSB was the first bank in New Hampshire to offer bi-weekly mortgage payments. CSB has many mortgages plans available as well as consumer and collateral loans.

CSB offers a variety of checking accounts for individuals and businesses including a free checking account for senior citizens. Also available are savings accounts, certificates of deposit, overdraft protection, direct deposit ATM and debit card services, safe deposit boxes, travelers' checks, and retirement accounts.

Claremont Savings Bank has 107 full time employees who have been recognized for their professionalism and community service.

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