Safe Deposit Boxes

A CSB safe deposit box is a great place to keep your valuables. Insurance papers, jewelry, stocks, bonds, marriage and birth certificates and wills should all enjoy the safety of a safe deposit box. We have many different sizes. For those larger but still valuable and irreplaceable items, such as silverware, large coin collections, or an heirloom, CSB offers bulk storage.  The prices are reasonable and are well worth the peace of mind they provide.


Rental Fees

Box Size Annual Fee
4”x2” $20.00
4”x3”  $25.00
3”x5”  $27.00
5”x5”   $35.00
10”x3” $40.00
10”x5” $70.00
10”x10” $135.00

Bulk Storage

24”x15”x9-3/4” $150.00/year
24”x15”x15” $165.00/year

Boxes available at the main office on Broad Street and at the Washington Street and Charlestown branches. Size and availability vary by location. 20% discount with automatic payments from a Claremont Savings Bank account. Not an FDIC insured product.

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