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Claremont Savings Bank: ATM Skimming Press Release


 ATM Skimmer Found at Claremont Savings Bank

Claremont, New Hampshire – Illegal skimming devices were attached to Claremont Savings Bank’s two ATM machines at their Claremont - Broad Street branch during the long Veteran’s Day weekend by two unknown men. These devices allowed ATM/debit card information to be stolen.   The criminals created debit cards using the information and withdrew cash from consumers’ accounts the evening of November 12.


Claremont Savings Bank is taking the breach seriously and immediately took measures to prevent further fraudulent activity. The customers who were affected had any missing funds credited back to their accounts and were contacted by the Bank.  Their ATM/debit cards were closed and they will receive new cards. Customers with questions about the breach or the security of their accounts should contact the bank at 603-542-7711.


There is an ongoing investigation with the Claremont Police Department and other authorities. If you have any information in regards to this case, please contact the Claremont Police Department Detectives Division at 603-542-7010.